Human being or human having?

We all know what Maslow says about our needs but I certainly don’t recall any note on the accumulation of things. Yes, we do need certain things to satisfy our need for safety, but the truth is that money, and the things we can buy with it, are a very thin layer that protects us from the perceived adversity of life.  When life gets really, really though, there won’t be enough things to spare our suffering. However, if we continue creating “needs”, our suffering and the suffering we cause to others will definitely increase.

When I read that there is enough in this world to satisfy everybody’s need but not everybody’s greed, I felt really sad. It’s absolutely true,  not only we’ve been greedy but really irresponsible. Our consumption has terrible consequences for our planet and on the top of that, it’s pointless, it doesn’t really serve us.

We’ve failed to see that we’re a large living system, that fortunately has the ability to regain balance by itself (I hear my HSI family yelling: autopoiesis!! sorry, internal joke), but one of these days, the way to regain balance will be to kick us out of here.


If we are to leave a planet to our children, we need to embrace a “new” trend: thrivability, that help us to create successful and sustainable companies, that deeply fulfill the stakeholders, enrich the community and live in harmony with nature, as our friends from Thrivability Montreal explain. There are movements all across the world inviting us to put common sense before business sense. We, as HR/OD professionals, need to help the companies realize how damaging certain activities can be and how to transition to an ecologically responsible and respectful way of working.  We need to create the conditions that allow this level of consciousness in our organizations. Different conversations need to happen inside the companies, and also outside. Both, company and clients need to be more responsible in respect to our world.


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