The importance of Talent

talent2You cannot solve the problems with the same level of thinking that allowed them to happen (Einstein dixit). We all know the business model of People, Process (or Systems) and Technology. Changing drastically one of them will bring a major change in the other two, but since Processes and Technology are not yet self-managed, People is still the only factor that can lead the change.

Now, if your company is facing a problem and needs a major change, you need to respond either with a change in the human system or with a change in the work dynamic.  If the problem is internal, this change (if done properly) will help the problem to be solved, and if it is external, it will make your company to learn from the environment or how to affect the environment.

In the past, the changes were top-down and the decisions were taken by just a bunch of people. However, time changes and “leadership” is dead. Power is no longer what it used to be.  Governments and monopolies are falling down. “In the US, in 1980 a company that was a leader (in the top 20%) in its field would have a chance of 1 in 10 of losing this position in the next 5 years. 20 years later, the chances were 1 in 4.”  (Moises Naim, The End of Power)

We understand (finally!) that employees are the key for a company success. Changes in Processes and Technology come from the People in all levels. The ability to prevent small problems becoming huge issues lies in the employees. Companies that understand this, treat their employees in the same way they would treat costumers, as an employee will treat the customer in the way he’s treated.  Richard Branson understands it.

So, next time that you’re interviewing someone, ask yourself if you’re bringing real talent to the company, or just someone who fits the job description.


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