Experience versus repetition


Sometimes, hiring managers require a candidate that has “10 years of experience in a similar position”. Our duty, as OD specialists, is to remind them that 10 years of experience is not the same as 1 year of experience, repeated 10 times.  As we know, certain roles require a working style that is constant and according to the rules, and employees that are productive and comfortable with the role are as Steady and Compliant (DISC assessment) as the role is.

So, if you’re hiring a highly technical person, an accountant, an engineer, a developer, you may want to have someone who is comfortable with steadiness, compliance and rules, as their motivation for work is different than someone who has a high Drive or high Influence. However, given the transformation that business are experiencing, we need to remember that HR professionals (except perhaps for the ones in Compensations, Benefits, Payroll and other transactional HR roles) are very unlikely to leave a position with a tenure of 10 years, to move to a similar one.  It is usual to fit job and candidates, but after the candidate has been hired, he/she may be promoted to another role with a lower job fit.

We know that job fit is vital to increase productivity, happiness, and engagement. If you want to improve the culture of your company start by examining job fit.

You may find that you have an exceptionally talented employee, waiting for the right role. 


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