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Last month, I attended to the first Art of Hosting event in Montreal. It was an amazing opportunity to discover this practice, along with about 200 people. Lupuna, Percolab, and other organizations brought Toke Moeller, Chris Corrigan and Tuesday Ryan-Hart and a big group of practitioners. The event used different methodologies such as World Cafe, Open Space, Storytelling, Mind-maps, Graphic recording, etc, but also allowed us to connect with each other through play, music, aikido and more.

It’s amazing how a lot of things can be done in so little time when you surrender to the emergence of the collective intelligence.

We had the chance to see how the principles of a good conversation apply:

* live now what future you want to create

* be in the present

* do not host it alone – be a good team of hosts

* focus on questions that matters

* go into conversation about what really matters by listening deeply to each other – beyond the words

* allow all voices to be heard so the collective intelligence can surface

* co host a good process that allows everyone to learn about themselves – each other and the purpose

* harvest good essences

* do not act before clarity and wisdom have come

* do not fear chaos – it is creative space where the new order can be born

* go through your fear however it manifests

Of course, having a good time in the company of great people is not difficult. The challenge is, what happens next?  A month later, I still feel I’m part of this amazing community. I’ve been participating in the Virtual Collaboration group, our purpose is to experience and share on-line practices that help us to co-create with virtual communities. Today was the second meeting and we defined already three projects we want to accomplish, being one of them my proposal of creating a Virtual Collaboration Handbook. Additionally, there are more projects planned for this year, that are being supported in the AoH community. If you want to join us, look for the Art of Hosting Montreal group in Facebook or visit this page:

Picture taken by: Renaud BERTRAND

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