Changing the Conversation

group-conversation-resized-600It’s time to change. Time to change our fears, our dreams, our needs.  With the recent tragedies in the world, I ask myself what is the fear that is triggering the state of panic where we live?

It seems to me that we’re going deep in a vortex of distrust, panic, fear, anxiety and we’re trying to “fix” it with painkillers, drugs, guns and regulations.  We need to learn different ways of engaging in conversations. Conversations that focus not in the reason for panic, but in the opportunities we have to change our world. One of the ways to engage in a collaborative effort to change the world, is to host and and sustain heart-centred dialogue, the kind of dialogue we need more and more urgently.  There is a unique opportunity for everyone in Montreal, to attend the Art of Hosting gathering, this January 2013.  Please, join this community of practice and register for the next event:  Registration deadline is December 28th.

“As a facilitative tool, the Art of Hosting has provided me with a mechanism to access in others the words, thoughts, and feelings that form a heart-centered dialogue and conversation, often creating a sacred place for honoring the collective spirit.  In this sacred place, I have frequently witnessed a transformation of anger, hostility, and resentment to forgiveness, joy, and a willingness to explore mutual collaboration. Indeed, the Art of Hosting is a sacred tool, one that is founded on the principles of a soulful spirit, gracefully and integrally woven within a human fabric that yearns for peace and justice.”

– Michael Havercamp, Art of Hosting Participant 2008


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Social science geek. Career and Personal Coach. OD enthusiast. Passionate about change, challenges and creativity.

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